Case study: supporting CWPs to manage data

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A new case study explores the selection of iaptus CYP as the digital record system to support the embedding of routine data collection by Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners in voluntary and community sector providers.

Voluntary and community sector providers need good quality data to help them manage and understand the therapeutic services they provide. But they often struggle to collect and report data on their activities.

The introduction of Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs), an innovative new practitioner role, presents opportunities and challenges for data collection for these organisations. The new role was introduced by NHS England in 2017 as part of a programme of training to expand the workforce in children and young people’s mental health services.

CWPs provide focussed, evidence-based interventions – in the form of low intensity support and guided self help – to young people demonstrating mild to moderate anxiety and low mood. They work in community and education settings, often for small voluntary and community sector providers. CWPs are trained to embed CYP IAPT principles in their work, including the use of clinically meaningful outcome measures. However the organisations employing CWPs are often reliant on paper forms and spreadsheets to record and manage data.

In the south west, CWP training is provided by the South West CYP IAPT Collaborative at the University of Exeter. In 2017, the team there set out to embed a patient management system to support the first cohort of CWPs in their training and practice with young people in schools, youth centres and other community settings.

The team selected iaptus CYP to support the programme. As a full patient management system which supports clinical supervision and which can be used anywhere with an internet connection, iaptus CYP can support early intervention services in community and school settings.

As a result of providing the system for CWP training, nine small community providers chose to adopt iaptus CYP long term. For the first time, the services are able to collect data on the national data set and generate reports for MHSDS national reporting. Find out more about the outcomes and impact in our case study.

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Are you looking to improve data collection and reporting in your services? We’re here to help. iaptus CYP is the patient management system designed to meet the needs of services embedding CYP IAPT principles. The system streamlines caseload management and supports service teams to efficiently record information and produce reports for commissioners and NHS Digital. iaptus CYP supports clinicians to engage with children and young people in sessions, set goals and monitor progress.

Contact us today to discuss how iaptus CYP can support your service management, ROM collection and MHSDS reporting. Or join an iaptus CYP webinar to find out more.