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Student Mental Health: Responding to the Crisis

Multiple health services, higher education leaders and wellbeing staff are coming together on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 in London, to develop a response to the growing student mental health crisis across universities in the UK. This event will help explore the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of multiple lockdowns on student mental health.


Student Mental Health: Open Forum Conference in London


Over the last 19 months, there has been a dramatic rise in students reporting mental health issues and student suicides across universities in the UK. The Open Forum event will aim to break down the contributing factors and help develop best practices in supporting students as they return to campus; as well as exploring the benefits of investing in welfare support services.

A new survey from NUS (National Union of Students) has found that over half of the UK’s student population feel that their mental health has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 52% of students say their mental health has deteriorated, 29% have sought help and out of those seeking help, 57% are satisfied with how they have been supported.

In response to the student mental health crisis, there has been an exploration into investing in welfare support services across universities in the UK. Our iaptus software, the leading electronic patient record (EPR) for psychological therapies, is used to support student counselling services. We look forward to hearing about innovations in this vital work that we can share with our iaptus customers and use to further develop our support to services.


You can view the programme for the event here.


  • My colleague, Martin, will be attending the STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH: RESPONDING TO THE CRISIS conference. If you’re attending and would like a chat, feel free to send him a message to grab a coffee.


  • If you can’t attend the conference this year, you can always sign up to one of our webinars. In particular, our webinar on University Student & Staff Counselling could be of interest. Find out how iaptus supports student mental health services on December 8th, 2021.


If you are interested in reading about how we, as a company, are trying to tackle mental ill health at its roots, take a look at our blog: What #theworldneeds and what we’re doing about it.