“Mayden staff are considerate and responsive. They have demonstrated flexibility and efficiency in meeting our precise requirementsa truly professional organisation.”
Darren Fernandes, SW London and St Georges NHS Trust

“We’ve been using iaptus for the last 18 months. The system is clinician-friendly and outcomes focussed. The staff at Mayden are always very helpful and if any issues do occur will always resolve them as quickly as possible. We believe that iaptus has greatly helped with the implementation of our IAPT service.”
Julie Sharp, NHS Isle of Wight

“We have a very good relationship with Mayden and think of them more as a partner than as a supplier. Their staff are friendly and helpful. We receive a fast response to requests even in the face of challenging timescales, and both the support and management teams have proven to be flexible and accommodating in helping us meet the demands of changing service delivery.

In my experience of IT business systems, I would rate iaptus among the very best. Usabilty is excellent, the system has been tested thoroughly, it hangs together logically, and the design has been well thought through. Mayden keep the system constantly moving forward with additions that are genuinely useful and innovative which further helps us to continue running our service in the most efficient way.”
Chris Pyke, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“The experience of working with Mayden has been extremely positive. They provide excellent support and have always been very happy to work alongside us to ensure that iaptus develops in a way that meets the needs of our service.”
Gavin Slater, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust