A patient management system should do more than collect your data. It should allow you to run your HSCIC reports quickly and simply and to answer important questions about your service.

As an iaptus client you’ll enjoy the benefits of our 3-pronged approach to data.

Hypercube is a state of the art reporting tool that’s built directly into iaptus, allowing you to delve into your data quickly and easily to find the answers to complex questions about your service. Simply select the fields and filters that you wish to compare and hit ‘ok’ to run your report.

Also built into iaptus are a variety of predefined mandated and standard reports. You can also create and save other custom reports that you require frequently, allowing you to run them at the click of a mouse, comparing your service’s performance across long periods of time.

The visualisations tab within Analysis is a brand new addition to iaptus and contains the new HSCIC and NHS England reports. This feature is built on Tableau: a world leading business intelligence analytics tool, and creates simple, striking visualisations of your data for monitoring.

Finally, we offer iaptus analytics as an optional extra. This service unlocks the story behind your data to ensure that you don’t just see, but you truly understand what your data is telling you.

Contact us today to find out how these features can support your service.