Features to improve and enhance communications and patient engagement

A suite of tools designed to automate day-to-day patient communications and to enhance patient engagement.

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Batch letters

Increase efficiency by using templates to send letters to individuals and groups of patients.

Letter templates can be created within iaptus to enable staff to communicate quickly and easily with individuals, with groups of patients, or with health professionals.

Batch letters you might wish to create include automated new referral letters, appointment confirmation letters and appointment reminders.

This approach is proven to increase engagement and reduce missed appointments.

Automated text messaging

Increase attendance by 10%

SMS notifications can be sent to patients automatically. This feature is a customisable, easy to use, automatic and highly effective way to increase patient engagement.

Messages can be tailored for different appointment types, sent a particular number of days in advance of an appointment, or used to confirm changes to appointments and cancellations.

Services experience an average of 10% improvement in attendance, consequent reductions in missed appointments DNA rates and increases in early cancellations, allowing valuable appointment time to be rebooked.

The cost of sending these messages each month is typically recouped in the saving of just one or two missed appointments.

Outcome questionnaires online

Save up to 25% of productive therapy time per session

There are over 800 questionnaires available in iaptus that can be completed within the system by patients or clinicians, to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Patients can complete their questionnaires in session on your tablet, with the rest of iaptus safely locked away. The information is then encrypted, and the data is saved in the iaptus patient record, ready to be reviewed.

Alternatively, up to two days prior to their appointment a secure link can be automatically emailed to patients, and they can complete questionnaires via webform from home.

This feature not only saves time during the session, but also allows therapists to understand their client’s state of mind even before their appointment, meaning that actual therapy time can be more productive. In addition, it helps patients to engage more fully with their care.

This feature saves hours of collective clinical time that can be used more effectively, either to allow more dialogue time during appointments or to fit in more appointments each day.

Online self referrals

Enable new patients to refer themselves quickly and easily via your website

Prospective new patients can refer themselves for treatment at any time via a short, secure form on your organisation’s website, without the need to speak with a referring health professional.

iaptus will automatically create and populate a new patient record that you or a colleague may accept (or reject), before contacting the patient to set up an initial appointment.

Online health professional referrals

Fast, easy referrals at any time

Other health professionals can refer patients to your organisation at any time, via a short, secure form on your organisation’s website.

Whether the referral online comes from the patient or your colleages in the health community, iaptus provides a fast and efficiant workflow to process new referrals or merge with existing patients.

GP electronic communications

Efficient communications with your patient’s GP

Send letters electronically to your patient’s GP via Docman, MIG or MESH.

iaptus can seamlessly send electronic letters that are easily incorporated into GP system workflows, ensuring that patient records are kept up to date and that the patient’s GP remains informed about the treatment your organisation is providing.

Hybrid mail

Send letters at the touch of a button and save up to 50% of your postage costs

With Hybrid Mail, letters created in iaptus can be sent at the touch of a button.

This feature enables you to securely and digitally transmit your letters to our partner mail-house who will print them, put them into envelopes, sort, stamp and send them via Royal Mail – with status information sent back to iaptus.

The cost of sending a typical appointment letter in this way is about 49 pence, as opposed to the typical cost of around £1.10 per letter, creating significant cost savings for your organisation each year.