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This feature allows patients to complete the questionnaires relevant to their treatment from their own home prior to their appointment.

Patients who wish to use this service can complete their PHQ, GAD and other questionnaires from home via a secure link sent by to them automatically by email, two days prior to their appointment.

The information is then encrypted and sent securely back to iaptus, where the results wait in their patient record, ready for a therapist to review prior to their appointment. If a patient is sent the secure link and does not complete their questionnaire from home, they can still complete it with their therapist in the session.

This service not only saves time during the session, but also allows therapists to understand their client’s state of mind even before their patient arrives, meaning that actual therapy time can be more productive. It also helps patients to engage more fully with their care.

This feature saves hours of collective clinical time that can be used more effectively, either to allow more dialogue time during appointments or to fit in more appointments each day.