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Once an appointment has been booked, and with your patient’s consent, iaptus will automatically send a reminder text message to their mobile phone.

The iaptus text message notification service is easy to use and highly customisable. You’re able to choose the number of days in advance that your patient receives the text message, and the message itself can be tailored for different appointment types. There is also the option of sending a confirmation message when an appointment is cancelled. 

iaptus goes further by allowing you to see the status of the message, enabling you to see whether your patient has received it or not.

With over two million text message notifications sent from iaptus to date, the service has typically seen a 10% improvement in attendances, consequent reductions in DNA rates and increases in early cancellations, allowing valuable appointment time to be rebooked.

The cost of sending these messages each month is typically recouped in the saving of just one or two missed appointments.