Clients & Reviews

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The system is clinician-friendly and outcomes focussed.

Julie Sharp, NHS Isle of Wight

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Mayden as they’ve developed and implemented iaptus for our service. They demonstrate great flexibility and have been willing to constantly adapt in order to meet the ever-changing demands of clinical work in our service. Staff at Mayden are approachable, friendly and always willing to work with us to resolve any queries or problems. I have no hesitation in recommending them very highly to other organisations.

Dr Ruth Dennis
NHS Hammersmith & Fulham

To work with Mayden means working with a company who are approachable, accommodating and always seem to be one step ahead with development needs. I’ve found each member of their team knowledgeable and helpful. iaptus has supported our service’s development and growth. It is user friendly for therapists whilst providing a vital and easily accessible source of data for analysis and reports.

Natalie Douglas
IT Lead & Data Analyst at Time to Talk
Sussex Community NHS Trust

With iaptus, Mayden has supported our development as an IAPT wave 2 service. The program matches our care pathway and is clinician friendly, resulting in high quality data. For data to be meaningful, it has to be valid, accessible and useful. iaptus has made that happen.

Sara Pickford
Head of Service Development and Performance
Sussex Community NHS Trust

The experience of working with Mayden has been extremely positive. They provide excellent support and have always been very happy to work alongside us to ensure that iaptus develops in a way that meets the needs of our service.

Gavin Slater,
Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Mayden provided a highly responsive, tailored and customer centric service to SLaM under an extremely tight deadline to enable us to provide IAPT services. Mayden’s attention to detail, project management and professionalism—with a human touch—is second to none. The product has exceeded all expectations.

Matt Butler
Business Requirements Manager
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

I’ve worked in health care informatics for nearly eight years and in mental health for three years. I am confident in saying that iaptus is one of the most innovative systems that I have used that effectively manages a patient’s care pathway and easily delivers accurate reports for front line staff. Mayden are always looking to improve the system to meet users’ needs. I can highly recommended iaptus as a patient management system.

Robin Campbell
Head of Business Support & Administration,
Newham Psychological Services