iaptus data centre migration

As our customers will be aware, in February we undertook the migration of iaptus to a new data centre.

Due to the scale and complexity of the project, this move was a major undertaking for us, but was really important in creating a stable and scalable foundation for iaptus as we continue to grow. As a result of the move, iaptus is now running around 3 times faster than before and has allowed our network team to start a series of important architectural changes which will be incrementally implemented over the next 12 months.

These changes will further strengthen the resilience of iaptus, design out failure modes and improve the speed of data entry and reporting.

iaptus is a system under constant development and we have some fantastic new features that will be released in the coming months, which we think will bring huge benefits to all users. Many of the plans that we have for the future have been made possible due to the upgrade in infrastructure, and we are very excited about what the next few years has instore for us all.

We really appreciate all the support that we received throughout the migration period and beyond, from our new partner UK Cloud, but particularly from all of our clients. Your support during the migration period meant a great deal to our team, so from the bottom of our hearts – thank you.