The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies

Psychological Therapies

Service Efficiency
With online appointment booking, self referral, secure video consultation and a host of other features to streamline service delivery.
Highest Security standards
We are accredited to the highest data security standards with over 20 years of experience safeguarding highly confidential NHS data.
workplace wellbeing
Our user experience (UX) experts ensure usability is at the forefront of everything we do. We also provide training and a comprehensive help guide.
iaptus supports psychological therapy practices to handle 1 million client referrals per year
client management system for psychological therapies

Customer retention
rate over 12 years

Customer support 99.2%

Customer support
satisfaction rate

Response time 98%

Response time to support
queries within 24 hours

Focus on what matters: your clients

iaptus client management system was designed to help therapists provide client centred care, and support services to work more effectively and efficiently.
iaptus ensures the smooth running of your practice and evidences how your service is performing. We work with hundreds of psychological therapy services both in the UK and abroad to provide technology that is data driven and outcome focussed, and with the client at its heart.

We also work closely with psychological therapy services to ensure our client management system is solving some of the biggest challenges organisations are facing both now and for the future. Video consultation is embedded within iaptus, allowing you to offer remote sessions to your clients securely through a trusted platform.

We have a long history of storing confidential data for NHS services, voluntary services and private sector organisations. You can rest assured that your information is safe and secure within iaptus databases, having been vetted by both the NHS and the Ministry of Defence. We are ISO27001 accredited, have Cyber Security Essentials Plus and use two-factor authentication to ensure your confidential client records are kept safe and secure.

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client management system
client management system


Confidential information is stored safely and securely
  • We are an ISO27001 accredited organisation and a long standing, trusted supplier to the NHS.
  • Our client management system undergoes frequent and rigorous testing by a security specialist.
  • We are GDPR compliant and use a two-factor authentication system for secure access.
Insights into your service Service Efiiciency
  • Dashboards show you the impact of your service.
  • Identify trends and improve your service.
  • Pre-set reports reduce admin time.
client management system
iaptus is perfectly placed to:
  • Streamline day to day administrative tasks across your organisation.
  • Provide analytics for service improvement.
  • Support your team to manage clients through from referral to discharge.
  • Offer a customised care pathway specifically to support your service.
  • Preconfigure reports so you don’t need to create them from scratch.
  • Provide time and resources to grow your practice.
I have to say that iaptus has been amazing so far, I don’t know how we coped before it. There’s just so much more clarity on what we’re doing and the impact that we are having.
Anna Hinks, Communications Manager, Stop Breathe Think
Frequently asked questions

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Whether you’re a small psychological therapy practice, a large organisation or a charity, we can help. Please get in touch today.
iaptus client management system is packed full of features to help you provide high quality and efficient care. The system is highly flexible and customisable to your service. You can pick and choose the features you want, so it’s always best to give us a call to discuss your requirements.
The price of iaptus will depend on the features that you require to support your practice. The system is completely customisable to the needs of your practice with prices starting from just £3000pa.
We are confident that you will love iaptus – we are the most widely used psychological therapy client management system for a reason! – but if you decide that our system isn’t for you, we have a 90 day notice period.
Find out more about how we can help to support your service