The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies


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With online self referrals and a host of features to streamline admin.
Offer secure video appointments to the students and staff in your care.
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Discover how iaptus can support your student wellbeing service.
Over 5 million patients
Trusted by over 65% of NHS psychological therapy services, and over 17,000 clinicians both in the UK and abroad.

Understanding makes all the difference – University Counselling Software 

We’ve been supporting mental health services for over 15 years, so we understand how important your work is, and the lasting impact it has on people’s lives.

All students, from freshers through to postgraduates, deserve easy access to mental health support. They should know that help is on hand should they need it, so they can focus on making the most of their time at university.  We also know how important it is that your university counselling software supports your team, reflects the way you work and makes your job easier.

iaptus is a leading digital care record for university counselling services. It will support your service with the technology you need to provide high quality care to your student population, and manage their care efficiently and securely.

Discover how you can increase your service’s efficiency, reduce time spent on administrative tasks and improve the student experience.

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University Counselling Software
University Counselling Software


iaptus University Counselling Software does far more than just capture your clinical notes. It is packed full of features to help you provide high quality and efficient care.

We’ve built iaptus to be highly flexible, so you can take just the features you need and pay for just the bits you want, so it’s always best to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

You can find some details about some of our favourite features by expanding the boxes.

  • Enable students to refer themselves quickly and easily via your website.
  • New students seeking help can refer themselves for treatment at any time via a short, secure form on your university website.
  • iaptus will automatically create and populate a new patient record that you or a colleague may accept (or reject), before contacting the patient to set up an initial appointment.
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  • Save up to 25% of productive therapy time per session.
  • There are over 800 questionnaires available in iaptus that can be completed within the system by students or mental health practitioners, to suit your university’s requirements.
  • Students can complete their questionnaires in session on your tablet, with the rest of iaptus safely locked away. The information is then encrypted, and the data is saved in the iaptus record, ready to be reviewed.
  • Alternatively, in the days prior to their appointment a secure link can be automatically emailed to students, and they can complete questionnaires in their own time.
  • This feature not only saves time during the session, but also allows mental health practitioners to understand the student’s state of mind even before their appointment, meaning that actual therapy time can be more productive. In addition, it helps students to engage more fully with their care.
  • This feature saves hours of collective clinical time that can be used more effectively, either to allow more dialogue time during appointments or to fit in more appointments each day.
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  • Guide patient treatment along a care pathway.
  • iaptus works to give mental health practitioners a clear view of a student’s treatment, guiding staff through a workflow to ensure that care remains consistent.
  • This feature allows users to generate a unique link from within a student’s care record or from the diary in iaptus, which can then be shared with the student. Both parties can enter the video call when they are ready, using the links provided.
  • The technology is hosted by us, giving both staff and their students the reassurance they need to hold safe, secure and private video appointments.
  • Clinical notes can be typed up in iaptus whilst the video session is taking place. Screen-sharing and typed chat functionality are also available.
  • Reduce DNAs by 10%
  • SMS notifications can be sent to students automatically. This feature is a customisable, easy to use, automatic and highly effective way to increase student engagement.
  • Messages can be tailored for different appointment types, sent a particular number of days in advance of an appointment, or used to confirm changes to appointments and cancellations.
  • Services experience an average of 10% improvement in attendance, consequent reductions in missed appointments DNA rates and increases in early cancellations, allowing valuable appointment time to be rebooked.
  • Book and manage appointments across different users and locations.
  • Users can quickly and easily find and book single or recurring events and appointments.
  • Automated appointment confirmations and reminders can be generated and sent via text message.
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  • Complete group session notes and outcome measures quickly and easily .
  • This feature allows you to complete clinical notes and outcome measures for the group on one screen, saving valuable time.
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Free up clinical time Service Efiiciency
  • Reduce unnecessary admin.
  • Dedicate more time to looking after your staff and students.
  • Spend longer with your patient, or see more.
Peace of mind that confidential information is stored safely and securely
  • We are an ISO27001 accredited organisation.
  • We have frequent and rigorous testing undertaken by a security specialist.
  • We use a two-factor authentication system for secure access.
  • We are long standing and trusted supplier to the NHS.
Improve the student experience.
  • Increase student engagement with therapy.
  • Improve consistency and quality of care.
  • Increase student retention.

Drive service improvement

  • Analytics show areas for improvement and efficiency savings.
  • Built in dashboards show recovery rates and performance of service.
  • Reports to show breakdown of
    presenting problems and


We had many years of quite poor solutions. From holding full paper records only, to excel, and eventually an MS Access database. It became evident that we needed a proper solution. Switching to iaptus university counselling software was able to make the service more clinically safe, whilst also improving service efficiencies.
Joel Hooper, Bournemouth University
Frequently asked questions

Expand the boxes below to read the answers or contact us to answer any of your questions.

Yes! iaptus is used by many different types of service and not just in universities. We support a range of adult mental health services, including staff wellbeing services for frontline NHS staff and social care workers. We also support services for children and young people such as mental health support teams in schools and CAMHS services.

We are confident that you will love iaptus – we are the most widely used psychological therapy digital care record for a reason! – but if you decide that our system isn’t for you, we have a 90 day notice period.
The price of iaptus will depend on the features that you require to support your service. You can customise your system to have just the bits that you need. Prices start from just £3000pa.
Find out more about how we can help to support your service