The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies

Private Practice Management Software | Mental Health

by Louisa - 5th January 2024

We work with hundreds of psychological therapy services, both in the UK and abroad, to provide private practice management software that is data driven, outcome focussed and with the client at its heart.

Large or small, charity or private sector, we have a software solution for your needs, tailored to your specific care pathways.

Today, our systems are used by a wide range of psychological therapy providers and can also be configured to support a variety of physical health services.

Mental health services
NHS Talking Therapies (adults)
NHS CAMHS (children and young people)
Staff Wellbeing
Mental Health Support Teams (schools)
University counselling
Primary care liaison nursing
Voluntary and private psychological therapy practices
Independent practitioners and counsellors
Gambling Harms

Physical health services
Diabetes remission
Weight management
Cardiovascular disease prevention

iaptus private practice management system:

Private Practice Management Software

At its core, iaptus is a highly configurable solution which supports service workflow, data collection and reporting requirements. The system has been developed to be adaptable, scalable and reliable to support our diverse customer base, including their growing and evolving service offerings.

The system provides a complete digital care pathway from referral to discharge, providing data-driven insights to improve the patient experience, increase engagement and inform clinical treatment.

“I have to say that iaptus has been amazing so far, I don’t know how we coped before it. There’s just so much more clarity on what we’re doing and the impact that we are having.” – Anna Hinks, Stop Breath Think

Digital Care Pathway

A key feature of iaptus is the ability to manage clients along a care pathway. This means that organisations do not have to design their service around the system, as is the case with many healthcare IT systems. Instead, iaptus can be configured to reflect how individual services work, each with their own unique features and processes. Managing stages of care, iaptus gives you the flexibility needed to reflect the configuration of your service’s evolving care pathway.

This pathway is where all patient data collection builds from; patients are moved through the pathway as each action required by that stage is carried out. Patient centred, it is simple to see which patients are waiting for what clinical action or appointment.

iaptus supports psychological therapy practices to handle over 1 million client referrals per year. Referral and case management is made easily possible utilising iaptus’s built in reports.

Commonly asked questions are all easily reportable, such as:

How many referrals are we receiving per month?
What is the source of these referrals?
How many inappropriate referrals have we received?
What is the diagnosis on referral?
How many clients have been discharged per month?
How many sessions are our therapists taking per week?
How many appointments are booked each week?

bacpac private practice management system:

Private Practice Management Software

bacpac is a state of the art, easy to use system, which will enable you to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your private practice. The logical step up from pen and paper, it takes care of your administrative responsibilities, so that you can spend more time doing what you do best – looking after your clients.

“I like bacpac. All my clients are there at a click, the notes are instant, everything is clearly labelled, and there’s nothing complicated about it! I’ve found it quite motivating – it seems effortless and not hard work.” – Brian Pugsley, West Kent Mind

bacpac has all the features you need to run a successful and efficient practice:

Record client session notes
Store all of your client records safely and securely.

Record client contact information
Record your clients’ address, phone and email details, including the
preferred method of contact.

Book appointments
Schedule sessions with your clients with a built in calendar.
Features that all work together

Manage your caseload
Easily and quickly search for your clients in your caseload folder.

Complete outcome questionnaires
Access, complete and store online versions of standard questionnaires.

Manage finances
Record payments, upload invoices and billing information

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Whether your psychological therapy practice is large or small, our digital solutions can support the delivery of your service. Both iaptus and bacpac help to free up therapists’ time and provide you with the resources you need to grow your practice and allow more people access to the help they need.