The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies

iaptus: The Best of Breed EHR Software for Adult Talking Therapies Services

by Emily Quinn - 24th June 2024

Best of breed EHR

iaptus is the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) for adult NHS Talking Therapies, supporting 70% of services across the UK. iaptus is a flexible and interoperable EHR that has been purpose built to support community and mental health services.

Our modular and customisable technology gives community based services an end-to-end clinical software solution that supports them from referral through to discharge – including all data requirements, features and workflows unique to their specialist service. We work hard to ensure that iaptus operates alongside other clinical systems to give services the best of breed system they deserve, whilst ensuring continuity of care for patients across services.

What challenges do EHRs face?

EHRs face a number of challenges, depending on which type they are. Small, niche systems often specialise in one thing, meaning they are not flexible enough to grow with evolving services, whereas monolithic systems can do lots of things but don’t tend to provide a great user experience.

iaptus is a flexible and customisable system, which allows organisations to retain their trust-wide EHR, whilst simultaneously supporting services that require something more specialised. Our Adult Talking Therapies customers tell us they love how iaptus supports them in managing patients through care pathways and capturing outcomes – iaptus takes a unique approach to this which is highly regarded.

“I still think it’s the best system I have ever used.”
Lisa Edwards, Talking Therapies Data Quality and Office Manager, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

A particular challenge in the healthtech sector is prioritising interoperability between clinical systems and other digital tools, to ensure the right data is available at the right time and to streamline processes across healthcare. Effective and high quality care is dependent on this. Mayden works hard to create strong partnerships, and iaptus now integrates with over 20 digital health platforms, giving services the best of breed system they deserve, and ensuring continuity of care across services.

Read more about interoperability for adult talking therapies services here.

What makes iaptus a best of breed EHR system?

iaptus has been supporting adult NHS talking therapies services for many years, and is trusted to store over 60% of all TTad referrals.

Our modular and customisable technology gives adult talking therapies services a clinical software solution which supports them at all stages along the care pathways, from referral through to discharge. This includes all data requirements, features and workflows, unique to each individual service.

Various standard and optional features within iaptus make it a best of breed system for NHS talking therapies services:

  • Online appointment booking – services can offer patients the ability to book their own appointments online, significantly reducing admin for services. This feature has also been proven to reduce missed appointments.
  • Integrated video appointments – allows clinicians to deliver secure one to one therapy sessions remotely via video, integrating with existing workflows whilst enabling clinicians to type up notes in iaptus during the session.
  • Outcome questionnaires online – patients can complete questionnaires from home prior to sessions, or during sessions, and the data is saved in the iaptus record, ready to be reviewed. This has been shown to save up to 25% of productive therapy time per session.

“I’ve worked with Mayden since commissioning the development of iaptus in 2006 and have found they share our passion to give our patients outstanding care through their digital solutions. Their willingness to innovate to give patients and staff a great digital experience gives me reason to strongly recommend them as a strategic technical partner.”
Dr Ben Wright BSc MB BS MSc FFCI FRCPsych, CCDO

Find out more about iaptus best of breed EHR

We know we have a best of breed, patient-centred system that clinicians love using, so we are on a mission to help more services benefit from using it.

If you would like to find out how our best of breed EHR can support your adult talking therapies service, please get in touch, or sign up for a bitesize demo here.