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Trusted to store two thirds of all IAPT referrals.

It’s estimated that each year, 1 in 4 of the UK’s population will experience a mental health problem which could benefit from psychological therapy. IAPT services currently have the capacity to meet just 15% of that demand.

And the pressure continues to build. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that by 2030 there will be around 2 million more adults in the UK suffering with mental health problems.

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iaptus was created to provide relief, easing the day-to-day stresses of admin so that you can focus on what matters: your patient.

The system is flexible, built around the patient pathway, and contains a host of features that will save your service both time and resources.

iaptus supports our clients to handle 1 million patient referrals per year.

Contact us today to talk about how iaptus can support your service’s needs.

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We are accredited to the highest data security standards with over a decade of experience safeguarding highly confidential data.

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Announcing a new integrated video feature for iaptus

A few weeks ago, we at Mayden asked the users of our iaptus patient management software about the challenges they are facing in their day to day work, and how iaptus might be able to help them during the coronavirus crisis. The feature is being provided to iaptus customers free of charge until 11 August, at which point we will review pricing. In the meantime, Mayden is absorbing all costs. With this feature enabled, users can generate a unique link from within a patient’s digital care record or from the diary in iaptus, which can then be shared with the […]