The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies

Gambling Harms Software: A Data Driven Approach to Support

by Emily Quinn - 19th December 2023

gambling harms software

We are honoured that our Founding Director, Chris May, was invited to speak at the Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research in October. The first ever gambling harms international interdisciplinary colloquium attracted like-minded people from across the world to work towards a common goal: tackling gambling harms.

The panel discussed various technologies, and showed that incorporating digital, in all areas of gambling harms, can really make a difference to tackle the problem and support those suffering.

A data driven approach to tackling gambling harms

In an industry where so much data is collected, e.g by gambling operators, questions remain on how data can be used more within healthcare settings to inform therapeutic support and improve outcomes for service users.

The NHS has made good steps forward by opening 15 gambling harms clinics across the country, and we are pleased that some of these have chosen our iaptus gambling case management system to support these services.

Gambling harms software, like iaptus, can not only help to join up healthcare, but can simultaneously improve patient outcomes and increase cost-effective IT.

gambling harms software

As the leading clinical software for psychological therapy services, we believe that iaptus is extremely well placed to support gambling harms services. We are already working with some of the NHS Gambling Harms Clinics and through doing so, have built a strong understanding of system requirements.

iaptus is reliable and flexible enough to support the unique processes of gambling harms services and frees up valuable time so clinicians can spend more time supporting those in need.

iaptus can make a truly positive difference in tackling gambling harms:

  • Digital care pathways designed to reflect your individual service
  • Provides digital tools and features, such as Online Self Referral, Online Appointment Booking and Integrated Video Appointments
  • Save clinician & administrative time
  • Help to address barriers to accessing support

Structured data may allow comparisons across patients, drawing patterns and ultimately enable targeted prevention. If we can get better at profiling patients and get a deeper understanding of what’s going on, we can improve services and outcomes.


Find out more about the case management system support gambling harms services:
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