The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies
The leading digital care record for psychological therapies

Choosing a Digital Care Record for your Mental Health Support Team

by Helen - 10th January 2022

choosing a digital care record

Are you establishing a Mental Health Support Team to provide psychological wellbeing support to children and young people in education settings?

Choosing the right digital care record system can be vital to the success of children and young people’s mental health services. We’ve put together the following leaflet to answer the key questions you can ask when identifying the best system for your service.

The leaflet will be particularly useful for those establishing Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) that work with schools and colleges to offer early intervention mental health support to children and young people.

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Choosing the right digital care record for your mental health support team in schools:

iaptus CYP was created by Mayden to support children and young people’s psychological therapy services. There are only a handful of software systems specifically designed for use by NHS-commissioned therapy services. You will want to ensure that you choose a digital care record system that enables your team to deliver consistent and high quality care.

The system should enable good data collection, clinical supervision and management of your service as a whole.

iaptus CYP helps our services to be more efficient and provide high quality, consistent care. As a digital care record system, it offers us exactly what we need to ensure a time-efficient and streamlined workflow”Helen McGlinchey, Schools Services Manager, Northpoint Wellbeing.

Without guidance it can be difficult to know which system will serve you best. A good system will be configurable to reflect your service and support your team in managing day to day work with schools and colleges.

Keeping data secure in order to protect children and young people in your care is of the highest importance. iaptus CYP is trusted by NHS psychological therapy services to securely store clinical notes. It is subject to rigorous security systems and the highest international standards for information governance.

You’ll want to ensure that the digital care record system you choose can be configured to reflect the care pathway of your service and reflect the work of your team. Each practitioner can then manage their cases and record data accurately and securely.

iaptus CYP gave us the flexibility to create our own care pathway for our MHST. Even now, two years on, our care pathway is growing and developing” Laura Sowerby, Team Manager, Morecambe Mental Health Support Team, Barnardo’s

For Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) supporting the whole school approach, you’ll want to make sure that your wellbeing sessions and professional discussions in schools can be recorded. In iaptus CYP, you can track session notes and attendees to support the work you’re doing.

Education Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs) usually work from multiple school and community locations. They can access the cloud based system, on any appropriate device, using their individual user accounts. They can then manage cases and collaborate with clinical supervisors remotely.

iaptus CYP has a supervision module which provides an easy way for clinical supervisors to oversee the work of EMHPs. The system supports your clinical lead monitor EMHPs activity and outcomes data, record supervision sessions and identify referral cases to specialist services.

iaptus CYP has been significant for us in terms of efficiency, overseeing therapists’ case loads and managing clinical risk. We can use the risk rating system within iaptus CYP, to ensure the safeguarding of children and young people.” Helen McGlinchey, Schools Services Manager, Northpoint Wellbeing.

MHSTs are expected to routinely collect outcomes measures and paired scores in order to deliver high quality mental health support and interventions. iaptus CYP offers an extensive range of outcome measure questionnaires relevant to interventions for children and young people.

iaptus CYP is the most widely used system by NHS-commissioned services reporting on Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS). It offers all the functionality to support your team to offer consistent and high quality care, enabling therapists to keep secure clinical records and efficiently collect data on activity and outcomes required by NHS England. iaptus CYP streamlines administration and helps teams to work more efficiently so you can focus on what’s most important, the children and young people in your care.

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iaptus CYP currently supports 16 services that are running MHSTs nationally. If you’re looking for a system to help your service provide efficient, high quality care for children and young people, get in touch with a member of our lovely team.

Alternatively you could join one of our upcoming webinars to better understand how iaptus CYP can support your service.